"Thumbelina" is not the theme song for Thumbelina, but it's its title song. It is sung about and by Thumbelina, and the farm animals sing it, too.


Duck: Who is the girl no bigger than a bumble bee?
Goat: Who is the angel with a funny name?
Bull: Moo, we don't know where she's from or how she came to be
Farm Animals: But happy was the day she came

Chickens: Thumbelina
Goat: She's a funny little squirt
Chickens: Thumbelina
Bull: Tiny angel in a skirt
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: First she's mending then baking, pretending, she's making things up
Chickens: Thumbelina

Thumbelina: Who would believe the wonder of the world I see
Each little minute brings a new surprise
There's only one peculiar thing that bothers me
Seems I'm the only one my size

Chickens: Thumbelina
Goat: Thank the Lord and save our meals
Chickens: Thumbelina
Turkey: Maybe if you had high heels
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: If you stay here forever we know that we'll never be glum
Bull: By gum!
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: Shes a whisper on a wing
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: She's as hopeful as the spring
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: First she's mending then baking pretending shes making things up
Bull: Moo
Goose: Quack!
Chicken: La da da da da
Bull: Moo moo moo moo moo
Farm Animals: boop a doop a doop be doop a doop!
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: She is always in the thick
Chickens: Thumbelina
Thumbelina: But I get out in the nick
Chickens: Thumbelina
Farm Animals: For us sometimes its sickness, but this time it's bigness
Thumbelina: Oh a plum's so big, and a fig's so big
And they call it a twig, but a twig's so big!
Farm Animals: It's a big big world! Thumbelina, Thumbelina, Thumbelina!
Thumbelina: That's me!