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The Prince
Background information
Feature films Mary
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Inspiration Sonny Malone
Dirk the Daring
Prince Cornelius
Cale Tucker
Jake Shears
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Good, courageous, heroic, kind, adventurous, helpful, determined, handsome
Appearance sculpted, blonde hair
Occupation Prince
Alignment Good
Goal To deliver and marrying Rapunzel
Allies her wife Rapunzel, the Wizard
Enemies The Trolls
Likes Romance, being with Rapunzel
Dislikes The Trolls
Powers and abilities
Weapons Transformation into a owl
Fate He and Rapunzel escape and they exchange a kiss

The Prince is the protagonist of the video clip Mary, performed by the Scissor Sisters. Rapunzel is a beautiful princess, captured and locked in a Tower by Trolls. She was loved by the Prince, determined to save her. After a failing attempt, he concludes a pact with a Wizard, who made a magic potion for to transform him temporary into giant owl for to deliver her. They exchange a kiss.


  • He is a cartoon version to Jake Shears, main singer of the Scissor Sisters.
  • Contrary to Rapunzel Disney's version, this incarnation was most like the traditional fairytale.
  • He was an hommage to the first princes created by Don Bluth like Sonny Malone in Xanadu, Dirk in Dragon's Lair, Ace in Space Aceand Prince Cornelius in Thumbelina.
  • His appearance was similar to Dimitri and Cale Tucker.
  • Ironically, the song had for subject a impossible relationship between Mary/Rapunzel and Jake Shears/The Prince, mainly because the singer is gay.
  • The Scissor Sisters' songs describe the night-customs of the gay community of New York, to the 70s in our days, inspired by the atmosphere of mythical clubs like the Studio 54, the Factory held by Andy Warhol, Glam Rock, Soft Rock or New Wave music and musical movies as Fame, Phantom of the Paradize and exactly Xanadu. Also, Mary is an honoring to Xanadu. It is also necessary to underline that the transformation of the Prince in huge owl is not harmless. Jake Shears so gives evidence that he assumes completely his position concerning the night-life.
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