The Pebble & The Penguin - The Good Ship Misery

The Pebble & The Penguin - The Good Ship Misery

The Good Ship Misery is a song from The Pebble and the Penguin sang by the Company.


Scrawny: If you're in to pain and agony
Chinstraps: (Agony)
Royal: If you love the great indoors,
All: Welcome to the Good Ship Misery,
The misery's all yours

Everyday begins with misery
Chinstraps: (Misery)
All: Breakfast in a rusty cup,
Then we all get dull and miserable,
And then we all throw up

The boots have got the place so hot,
That to your spot you've got the rock and roll

Royal: There's never sun!
Chinstrap: The rats have run!
Scrawny: Does anyone remember fun?
All: No!
Scrawny: Just thought I'd ask!

Chinstraps: If you're thinking this could never be
(Think again!)
If you're thinking it's the Ritz
Scrawny: (Fat chance!),
All: Sorry, but the Good Ship Misery...
King: Is a reality,
All: Hubie, baby, this is the pits!

King: You sit and think and pray you'll sink,
Royal: Your muscles shrink,
Scrawny: You start to stink,
Chinstraps: And when they cough that slimy slop and drop a glop of some on top
It's wow!

All: Everyday's a total tragedy
Then the days begin to blow,
Getting bored aboard the misery
King: Is a redundancy,
Scrawny: Is everybody miserable?
Chinstrap: Now you're talkin',
All: Yes, sir!

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