The Bullying Orphans are very minor antagonists in An American Tail. They only appear together in one scene, where they mock Fievel after finding him sleeping in their spot, telling Fievel he will never be able to find his family and that he should forget about them because they do not care about him. When Fievel breaks down and agrees, they let him join them, shoving Fievel into a puddle and throwing hay at him so he can make himself a bed. They are presumed to be scared away by Gussie and Tiger when they tried to reunite with Fievel with his family, or they already left by then.

According to the movie's storyboards, their names are Roc (the fat one with black hair), Pee Wee (the gray one in the orange hat), and Noodles (the bald one with glasses).

Roc is voiced by Lara Cody, Pee Wee is voiced by Barbara Goodson and Noodles is voiced by Diane Michelle.

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