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Tek is a close friend of Sam Tucker in Titan A.E.. He is voiced by Tone Loc.

History/ Book-Titan A.E. Cale's Story/ Film-Titan A.E.

Prior to the events of the film Titan A.E. Tek, a Vusstran environmental scientist worked to restore his planet's ecosystem which had been rendered nearly barren due to centuries of industrialization and pollution. Nearly all life on the planet, both animal and fauna were extinct, but not lost. Samples of these life forms were taken and stored for future repopulation. However this repopulation via cloning and seed germination could not take place without a habitable ecosystem and functional atmosphere to support them. Teks work, known as the "Vusstra Renewal Study" was meet with criticism by many as most Vusstrans believed their home world was lost. Undeterred he continued his research and made great strides with his wife Ryt, who shared his passion to repair the damage done to their world. Eventually their efforts brought them into contact with Sam Tucker of Earth. While Earth was no where near as damaged as Tek's home world Vusstra it was well on its way. Sam, Tek, and Ryt had different priorities but agreed on four basic principles. First, a planet's future need not be determined by its past. Second, it is rarely too late to make a new start. Third, hope is an essential survival trait, regardless of species. And fourth, through solidarity we can accomplish almost anything. These principles guided the scientists to work together, despite their different species, and create means of restoring environments to their natural and lush states. This method was coined by Sam Tucker as "bio-templating".

Unfortunately their work was halted by the arrival of the Drej. With brutal efficiency the Drej fought their way past Earth's various layers of defense until their mother ship was poised above the planet ready to destroy it. Meer minutes before this Same Tucker gave Tek custody of his son Cale as he could trust no one better to protect and raise him while he piloted the Titan out of the solar system and away from the Drej and their xenophobic onslaught. Barely escaping Earth's destruction Tek took Cale back to Vusstra so he could raise the boy as his own until Sam returned from his mission to secure the Titan, as it held the culmination of their work and the future of humanity. His wife Ryt welcomed the alien boy with open arms. This was in part to how close she was with Sam Tucker's wife before she died a few years prior and that she was unable to produce children of her own. Not an uncommon occurrence on Vusstra.

Not long after this Tek received another addition to his family in the form of his "pod daughter" Iji. While not related, he accepted her into his family after hers were killed in a transport accident and raised her with the same compassion and love as he did Cale. For a time Tek's like was well. He continued his research into environmental restoration with his wife until she died a few years later from a disorder caused by pollution. Loosing his beloved wife was difficult for them all, but Tek refused to let despair rule him. He pressed forward and continued to raise his two adopted children and went on with his research.

Eventually Tek's research had slowed to a crawl. He knew that he needed additional information to complete his research into environmental restoration, information that only humans who worked with Sam Tucker on the Titan project held. But the few humans that survived Earth's destruction were scattered. Some found work on other worlds, but most stayed in makeshift space colonies hastily compiled from star ships that escaped Earth's destruction. These "drifter colonies" held the last vestiges of humanity, and possibly the pieces of Sam Tuckers research Tek needed. Hoping to kill two birds with one stone Tek bought a ship to take him and Cale to the salvage station Tau-14. He planed to trade the ship there for another and find information on the whereabouts of the drifter colonies. While on this journey Tek wanted Cale to immerse himself with other humans so he could learn the value of solidarity. This trip came not a moment too soon as Iji was now old enough to enter group school, where she would leave her home and learn with other Vusstran children. The other deciding factor was the sighting of a single Drej stinger surveying Vusstra's surface. After Tek and Cale left Vusstra they discovered that Iji had stowed aboard. They intended to bring her back, but the Drej stinger pursued them forcing the trio to continue towards Tau-14.

After speaking to the station's dock master and trading his ship for an older but faster TR-Epsilon Z the three left the salvage station in search of information on the Drej. Earth wasn't the first planet to be destroyed by the energy based murderers and humanity wasn't the only intelligent species to be summarily piecemealed. But despite these horrid atrocities no one really knew why the Drej chooses one planet and its species over another. Hoping to gain understanding Tek flew to the remains of the last planet to be destroyed before Earch, Qu'ut Prime.

After entering the Qu'ut system Tek and his adoptive children gazed upon the remains of what used to be Qu'ut Prime, the home world of the Qu'utians. Reduced to nothing more than mountains and pebbles aimlessly floating through space the recently destroyed world had created an asteroid field that was not old enough to have stable asteroid paths, which made traversing it exceptionally dangerous. While the Qu'utian's primary world was destroyed, their secondary planet Qu'ut Minor was still in one piece. But the explosion of its sister planet had rained debris on its surface, leveling cities and altering the atmosphere to nearly un-breathable conditions. After landing Tek and his children expected to find only smoldering remains and crumbling buildings. To their astonishment they were approached by surviving Qu'utians, though their haggard appearance scared both Cale and Iji.