File:Someone's in My House - Andrea Martin

Someone's In My House is a Song from Bartok the Magnificent sang by Baba Yaga and magical objects.


Baba Yaga: A witch's life is very solitary
No one around to talk to but trees
So many years of never making merry
But I can feel a change in the breeze

'Cause tonight there's no one in the hallway
No one left or right
But my hallways all say
Someone's in my house tonight!
No one by my fire
No one sipping tea
My fire's burning higher
Someone's in my house with me!!

Chorus: Witches are people with a magic intuition
And she's having a feeling that is oh so bewitching
Even though no one's hanging around in the kitchen<
We know that someone is near

Baba Yaga: No one in the attic
No one in my chair
But I'm so emphatic
Someone's in my house somewhere!

Chorus: Where is he
Where is he

Baba Yaga: Where are you?
You wouldn't desert me?
You know it would hurt me
Where are you?

Chorus: Where is he
Where is he
Little no one you're through!

Baba Yaga and Chorus: No one in the mirror
No one by the door!

Baba Yaga: But I'm getting clearer

Baba Yaga and Chorus: Someone's in my house for sure!
No one small or dumb
No one pink and white
No one here I come!
Someone's In My House

Chorus: Someone's In Her House

Baba Yaga: And no one's getting out