Singe is the secondary antagonist of the Dragon's Lair series. He is the dragon who kidnapped Princess Daphne.

Dragon's Lair

He has a green complexion,large nose,violet horns,violet ears,violet beard,well built body,back scales and six ribbed body.

He is scary,strong,brave,persistent and evil. He does all that he can just to make his promise to kill Dirk The Daring. He trapped the princess in a haunted dungeon full of monsters and creatures like minions.

In the first game, he imprison the princess in a crystal orb. According to the manual of the 8-bit version, Singe commanded Ethelred to surrender his kingdom before sunset.

Daphne appears in the final level of the game, giving Dirk directions to use the magic sword and slay the dragon.

In the NES version, Singe will shoot fireballs and summon smaller dragons when being fought by the player, however, this version is extremely hard, thanks to the slow animations and buggy gameplay, another reason is that Singe's attacks usually do very high damage or instantly KO the player. It is advised to attack from a far distance and duck and jump from projectiles, and also attack the dragons that Singe summons.

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

Singe don't appear. However, his role in the precedent game was revelate to be the evil wizard Mordroc's sidequick.

Dragon's Lair 3D

According to this reboot game, Mordroc is the main villain, and Singe is only his sidekick.

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