Background information
Feature films Banjo the Woodpile Cat (was deleted)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice John Hurt
Performance model
Honors and awards
Inspiration Warren T. Rat
Carface Carruthers
Character information
Full name
Other names Rocko the Cat
Personality Bullish, sarcastic, tough, fearful, violent, revengeful, uncaring
Appearance Brown cat (similar to Warren T. Rat)
Occupation Bully, Itchy's boss (formerly), leader of his gang (formerly)
Alignment Bad
Goal To get revenge on Banjo and Crazy Legs (failed)
Home Salt Lake City
Allies Itchy (formerly), his gang (formerly)
Minions Itchy (formerly), his gang (formerly)
Enemies Banjo, Crazy Legs, Zazu, Melina, Cleo, Itchy, his gang
Likes Bullying, being in control, terrorizing
Dislikes Those he can not dominate and fight back
Powers and abilities Brute Force
Weapons Claws, teeth
Fate Gets run over by a train

Rocko was the main antagonist who was dropped from the 1979 short Banjo the Woodpile Cat. He is a tough, scarred, cigar-smoking cat who bears similarities with Warren T. Rat from An American Tail and Carface from All Dogs Go to Heaven. He was later dropped when the filmmakers kept the film as a short.

Role in the film

After Banjo escapes some kids he runs into Rocko a tough, scarred, cigar-smoking cat. Rocko tells Banjo to go home, but the cocky kitten simply swats the large cat in the nose. Rocko tries to get Banjo, but one of Rocko's gang, Itchy, intervenes.

Later after Banjo meets Crazy Legs and is introduced to beer and taverns. While talking with other male cats at one establishment, Banjo lets it out that he's had a run in with Rocko. He then discovers that all cats fear Rocko.

While heading for some sleep, Crazy and Banjo run into Rocko and his gang, Crazy is able to knock Rocko down and the pair escape, Rocko now swears revenge against both Banjo and Crazy. After Banjo meets Zazu, Melina, and Cleo and singing ('I'll Stick With You Kid) and while Crazy asks all the cats to look for the feed truck, Rocko hears of this plan and sets a trap. His gang tells all the cats that the truck will be at a certain bridge at midnight. Zazu tells Banjo and Crazy and the pair head off to catch the truck.

After Itchy warns Zazu about Rocko's plot, He is taken to task in Rocko's lair, and killed by Rocko. This action so shocks his gang, that they all leave. Rocko, now alone, determines to get the troublesome pair on his own. Rocko and the girls arrive at the bridge at the same time. Crazy gives Banjo to the girls and tackles Rocko.

The battle is going badly for Crazy until Banjo joins in. At first his attempts are futile, but when it looks like Crazy will not survive, Banjo fiercely bites the leg of Rocko. Rocko stumbles and falls into the path of a train, being killed.


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