Prince Cornelius
Background information
Feature films Thumbelina
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Gary Imhoff
Performance model
Honors and awards
Inspiration The flower-fairy prince from the original book by Hans Christian Andersen
Character information
Full name
Other names Fairy prince
Personality Kind, adventurous, heroic, helpful, determined, handsome
Appearance Slender, muscular, red hair, green eyes
Occupation Prince of the fairies, Thumbelina's husband
Alignment Good
Goal To save Thumbelina and marry her (succeeded)
Home The Vail of the Fairies
Relatives King Colbert (father)
Queen Tabitha (mother)
Thumbelina (wife)
Mother (mother-in-law)
Pets Buzzbee (bumblebee)
Allies Jacquimo, Li'l Bee, Gnatty, & Baby Bug, Hero
Enemies Mrs. Toad, Berkeley Beetle (formerly), Ms. Fieldmouse, Mr. Mole
Likes Thumbelina, riding on his bee, flying
Dislikes Losing Thumbelina, danger, being frozen, toads
Powers and abilities
Weapons His sword
Fate He reunites with Thumbelina, get married and ride off on Buzzbee
Quote "And I'll never let you fall!"

Prince Cornelius is the deuteragonist of Thumbelina.


He starts out as a big shot, and headstrong teenager when he first appeared. He later became more of a concerned, heroic, and more courageous man, that Thumbelina needed. He is also very cocky when battling Grundel the Toad, But most of All fell in love with Thumbelina (who was flattering him, when she didn't notice he is the Prince)!

Role in Film

He meets the tiny Thumbelina after she's just sung a heartfelt song about finding someone to love her, someone like her. Thumbelina is thrilled to meet someone her size, and someone like the fairies in her favorite books. Their attraction is immediate, and after brief introductions and some pretty heavy flirtation, Cornelius invites her on a ride on Buzzbee, his trusty steed (a bumblebee). After their romantic musical nighttime dance, Thumbelina gives him a chain of forget-me-nots, asking him not to forget her. Cornelius promises that he never could, and says goodnight at her windowsill. When he returns, he finds she's been kidnapped. Mama Toad took Thumbelina to the lilypad showboat, where she promises Thumbelina as a bride to her buffoonish son, Grundel.

Throwing caution to the wind, he goes in a reckless search for her, asking everyone and looking everywhere in an attempt to locate her as the winter approaches. His search is corrupted when a gust of wind blows him into a pond, and the frigid winter air freezes him almost instantly. Some bug kids find him and manage to get the block of ice out of the pond and rig it over a fire, trying to melt the ice and free Cornelius. Once unfrozen, Cornelius appears just as Thumbelina runs away at the altar of her and Mr. Mole's marriage of convenience, battling Mr. Mole.

Thumbelina is flown by Jacquimo, the swallow, to a weed patch he's sure is the Vale of the Fairies. Thumbelina, jaded and upset at her long winter alone, and still trying to believe Cornelius is dead, disregards his optimism until Cornelius appears, victorious and shining with the springtime sun. Wings magically sprout from Thumbelina's back and the two are married in full fairy style.



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