Pinky 00
Background information
Feature films Rock-A-Doodle
Television programs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Sorrell Booke
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Formerly: Good, relaxed, calm, positive, sweet, patient, fatherly, nice, geeky, calm
Later: Greedy, intelligent, crabby, grumpy, ill-tempered, impolite, sly, cunning, foxy, cruel, relentless, shady, selfish, sarcastic, pushy, impatient, nefarious, kinky, temperamental, protective, immature, nasty, kooky, atrocious
Appearance Obese anthropomorphic fox, red fur, pink trilby hat, and shirt, dark blue waistcoat, dark green trousers with light green stripes, pink shoes
Occupation Music manager
The Duke's main henchman
Alignment Bad/Neutral
Goal To keep Chanticleer in show biz (failed)
To kill Edmond
Home Las Vegas, Nevada
Pets Goldfish
Allies Chanticleer (formerly), Grand Duke of Owls, Hunch, Owl Minions
Minions Chanticleer (formerly), Murray, his Toad Bodyguards, Max the Bodyguard Rhino Waiter
Enemies Chanticleer, Goldie, Patou, Snipes, Peepers, Edmond
Likes Money, golf, and himself.
Dislikes Losing money, his car stolen, his star not willing to work for him, Murray's silliness, Goldie's whining
Powers and abilities
Weapons Golf club
Fate Watches in fear of losing money as Edmond and friends take Chanticleer back to the farm and gets arrested during the reprise of "Sun Do Shine"

"That's showbiz!" "The king! He's gone! And I'm ruined!"

Pinky is the hidden secondary antagonist in Rock-A-Doodle. He was voiced by Sorrell Booke.


Pinky was a plump fox who favors golf. He was also Chanticleer's manager in the city. It was revealed later in the movie that he was secretly working for the Grand Duke of Owls. His job was to ensure that Chanticleer never felt the compulsion to return home by convincing him that his friends hate him, making it easy to profit off of Chanticleer's singing skills.

Role in Film



  • He is played by Sorrell Booke which was also his last film role before his retirement and death in 1994
  • His character is similar to Professor Z who secretly works for his boss Miles Axelrod in "Cars 2".
  • He loves to play golf.
  • He has a hench frog named Max and a hench monkey named Murray.
  • He lives in Las Vegas.
  • Pinky is much like the Sheriff of Nottingham in the similar movie Robin Hood. Both are overwieght mean canines who speak with a Southern Accent, have their own henchmen (Pinky-Toads The Sheriff-Arrowman), Have rhinos working for them (though the Sheriff had a herd while Pinky had just one), work for the main antagonist, and abuse their sidekicks (Pinky-Murray Sheriff-Vultures). Also the Sheriff's undergarments are pink like Pinky's shirt.
  • After watching Chanticler escape it is unknown what became of Pinky, but it very likely he went bankrupt as he said he was ruined. It is also possible his water tower collapsed on him.
  • Besides talking on the phone, Pinky and the Grand Duke of Owls actually make a brief screen appearance together in Edmond's Mind while Edmond is driving Pinky's car.
  • Like the Grand Duke of Owls he abuses his closest helper Pinky-Murray the Grand Duke-Hunch.
  • Pinky is similar to the following villains:
    • Creek from Trolls
      • Both were the former love interest of the protagonist (Goldie and Poppy)
      • Both were the rivals of the true love interest of the protagonist (Chanticler and Branch)
      • Both started out good to the protagonists (Chanticler and Poppy)
      • Both later betray the protagonists and leave them for the dead (Creek leaves Poppy and the other Trolls to be eaten by Bergens whilst Pinky left Chanticler to be eaten by the bouncers).
      • They work for the antagonists (The Duke and Chef)
      • Both get their punishment at the end (Creek gets eaten by a monster and Pinky gets arrested for his crimes).
    • Prince Hans from Frozen.
      • Both are the friend of the protagonist (Anna and Chanticleer).
      • Both were also considered to be good people.
      • Both later betray the protagonist and leave them for dead (Pinky leaves Chanticler and the other animals to be dead whilst Hans left Anna to freeze to death).
      • Both later get their comeuppance (Pinky watches Chanticleer leave whilst Hans is sent back to his homeland to be punished by his brothers).
    • Lawrence from The Princess and the Frog.
      • Both were originally loyal to a royal official (Chanticler and Prince Naveen).
      • Both betrayed the royal official for a better offer (Pinky betrayed Chanticler when he made a better offer for The Duke for the animals to die if he led the Trolls to her; Lawrence betrayed Naveen when Dr. Facilier offers him to work for him to be successful in life).
      • Both got their comeuppance (Creek is eaten alive by a large monster; Lawrence gets arrested and taken to the Las Vegas Prison).
    • Tzekel-Kan from The Road to El Dorado.
      • Both were originally loyal to a royal official (Chanticler and Chief Tannabok).
      • Both later betrayed their own kind (Trolls and People of El Dorado).
      • Both worked alongside a powerful figure, only to get betrayed in the end (The Duke and Hernan Cortes).
    • Ernesto de la Cruz from "Coco":
      • Both are friends of the protagonist (Miguel and Chanticler)
      • Both later betray the protagonists
      • Both get ruined (Pinky thinks his show is cancelled whilst Ernesto gets killed by a bell)
    • Assistant Mayor Bellwether from Zootopia:
      • Both are nice to the portagoinst (Judy and Chanticler)
      • Both reveal their true nature (Bellwether is a hunter, Pinky is the Duke's henchman)
      • Both get arrested at the end of the film
    • Henry J. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc.
      • Both start out nice to the protagonist (Chanticler and Sulley)
      • Both later betray the protagonist and work for the main villain (The Grand Duke of Owls and Randall Boggs)
      • Both get tricked by the protagonist's friends (Edmond and Mike Wasowski)
    • Francis E. Francis from The Boss Baby
      • Both try to hide their villainy.
      • Both secretly have diabolical big guys as henchmen (Eugene Francis and The Grand Duke of Owls.)
      • Both are the former CEO of a company.
      • Both trap the protagonists (Francis traps Boss Baby and Tim Templeton in Tim's house, with Eugene; Waternoose traps Mike and Sulley in the Himalayas.)
      • Both get defeated at the film's climax.
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