The Grand Duke and his minions

The Owl Minions are supporting antagonists in the film Rock-A-Doodle. They are a gang of 6 owls who serve as henchmen (as well as backup singers) to the Grand Duke of Owls and his clumsy nephew Hunch. They are voiced by T.J. Kuenster, Jim Doherty, John Drummond, and Frank Kelly, A.k.a. the Don Bluth Players


  • Boris/Urek -A tall golden ochre owl
  • Poet/Varek - A brown owl wearing a green cape and headband
  • Benny/Furrow - A salmon-pink owl with a military-style haircut
  • Gullet/Blue - A tall indigo owl
  • Filo/Fred - A purple owl
  • Hoot/Vertigo -A bearded grey owl


Filo is not present with the other owls after the Grand Duke rises into power as a tornado; either he flew away or this was an error on the animator's part.

What became of them is unknown after Chanticleer hit them with his singing, though they could have died, disappeared, or been blown into space with their feathers left behind. One thing is for sure is they won't come back as Patou has stated they are gone for good.

The Gray Owl bears a resemblance to Storm the Albatross from the Sonic Riders Games.

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