Oble is the tertiary antagonist of "Bartok the Magnificent" and a giant ogre like monster that is a blacksmith.


Physical Appearance

He is a large, red ogre like metal worker, with cufflinks and a large "crown" which contains a red jewel, which Bartok is required to give to Baba Yaga.


Oble does not really speak. Instead, he just garbles in gibberish.

Role's in the film

Bartok the Magnificent

Oble is first encountered when Bartok is asking about a gift for Baba Yaga. While asking for a crown for Pillof, Oble begins to attack Bartok with his axe. Bartok ends up tricking him by doing his acts and entering his helmet. While Zozi and Bartok are chased by Oble, he falls off the bridge into a river & survived. The river cools him down.