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"Never Say Never" is a song from An American Tail. Henri and Fievel sing it in the unfinished Statue of Liberty to boost Fievel's confidence. The song is a duet between Christopher Plummer and Phillip Glasser.


Henri: Aaah. This is America, the place to find the hope.

If you give up now, you will never find you family. So never say never, say...

Never say never, what ever you do

Never say never, my friend

Fievel: Henry I...

Henri: Ah, tais-toi!

If you believe that, your dreams will come true.

They'll come true in the end.

Fievel: But I...

Henri: Keep up your courage, don't ever despair

Take heart and then count to ten

Hope for the best Work for the rest and never say never again

Fievel: Aaaw, but it's impossible. I'll never find my family.

Henri: Ah ah ah... Never say never, now say that, go on

Fievel: Never say never

Henri: Whatever you do, again

Fievel: Never say never

Henri: To me, see how easy

If you believe you can come shining through

Fievel: That's, that's how it's gonna be

Henri: Perfect

Pigeon Ladies: Now don’t you go and give up,

Give out, or give in

When the going gets rough, just get tough

And tell yourself you're gonna win

Henri: Remember to look on the bright side 'til then

and never say never again

Now are you ready to go and find your family?

Fievel: Yes

Henri: Chantal, take my little friend through immigration

You'll find your family there

Everybody goes through immigration

I would take you there myself

But then I would never finish my statue

Fievel: Henri you said never!

Henri: Oh! So I did!

Never say never

Both: Never say never

Never say never again

Henri: Au vois... bonne chance... good luck!

Fievel: Good-bye!

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