Marry the Mole
is a song from Thumbelina. It is sung by Ms. Fieldmouse to Thumbelina, as the former tries to convince the latter to marry Mr. Mole. This song won a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song in 1995, and that was the only award that the film was even nominated for.


Ms. Fieldmouse: Love? Love is what we read about in books, my dear.

"Here Comes the Bride" is a lovely little ditty

But marrying for love is a foolish thing to do

'Cause love won't pay the mortgage or put porridge in your bowl

Dearie, Marry the Mole!

True, it's a fact, that he's not exactly witty

He's blinder than a bat, but at least his eyes are blue

His breath may be alarming, but he's charming, for a troll

Dearie, Marry the Mole!

Romeo and Juliet

Were very much in love when they were wed

They honored every vow; so where are they now?

They're dead, dead! Very, very dead!

Poor Thumbelina, your brain's so itty bitty!

I hate to seem a pest, but I know what's best for you

Just think of all the ways that you can decorate a hole!

Take my advice; I'll bring the rice!

Dearie, Marry the Mole!

Marry the Mole!

Mar-ry that Mole!

M is for money!

Thumbelina: Oh!

Ms. Fieldmouse: L-E!