These are the characters that didn't make to the ending of the stories. See the gallery of various villains from movies who have various defeats, deaths, and despairs.

  • Dogs: Runs away after Crazy Legs knocks the boxes over.
  • Spider: Gets killed by the Great Owl.
  • Auntie Shrew: Knocked out she later appears in The Secret of Nimh 2 Timmy To The Rescue.
  • Dragon: Drugged by the rat's sleeping powder.
  • Jenner: Gets stabbed in the back by Sullivan, when he was about to kill Justin.
  • Sullivan: Dies from being wounded after he kills his ex-boss.
  • Singe: Gets killed by Dirk the Daring.
  • Warren T. Rat: Gets chased along with the cats down to the pier by the "Giant Mouse of Minsk" and into the water, picked up by a tramp steamer bound for Hong Kong that carries them away.
  • The Mott Street Maulers: Get shipped away on the Hong Kong ship.
  • Digit: Gets shipped away on the Hong Kong ship with the cats.
  • Beetles: Fall into the sewer lake and drowned.
  • The Bullying Orphans: Unknown (more likely got scared away by Tiger when they tried to catch Fievel).
  • Sharptooth (original): Drowns when a rock fell on him in the water.
  • Boneheads (Pachycephalosaurus): Runs away from the tar monster.
  • Dinilysia (snake): Gets defeated by Littlefoot's Mother.
  • Carface Carruthers: Eaten by King Gator offscreen (first film), dragged into Hell by Red (second film) and later reforms (third film).
  • Carface's Minions: Runs away from King Gator
  • Killer: Redeems and pushes Anne Marie to shore.
  • Hellhound: Gets shot by Annabelle.
  • Mordroc: Gets killed soon afterward by Dirk's sword.
  • Cat R. Waul: Gets reluctantly adopted by a passenger.
  • Street Dogs: Failed to eat Tiger.
  • Scorpion: Fails to catch Fievel Mousekewitz.
  • Hawk: Gets burnt by fireworks.
  • Cactus Cat Gang: Ends up landing into a mail bag and shipped to Idaho.
  • T.R Chula: Gets all tangled by his own web, and lands on Cat R. Waul.
  • Hunch: Chases after the Grand Duke with a flyswatter.
  • Grand Duke of Owls: Gets shrunk by the sun, then gets hunted down by Hunch for all his humiliations.
  • Owl Minions: Fly away when Chanticleer brings back the sun.
  • Pinky: Feels despaired when his star flies away on his private helicopter.
  • Grundel: Falls into a chasm, survives with a broken leg, and marries a female toad.
  • Berkeley Beetle: Gets bashed in the head, as Grundel fights Cornelius.
  • Mr. Mole and Ms. Fieldmouse: Run away from the avalanche of money and treasures.
  • Ozzy and Strut: Chased off by Chomper's mom and dad.
  • Gnorga: Turns into a rose bush by Stanley's magic touch, and is sucked into a portal, and then labeled "Queen of Posies".
  • Drake: Gets hit by Hubie and then crushed by his own tower.
  • Leopard Seal: Gets beat up by Rocko then Hubie kicked him off the submarine.
  • Red: Gets sent back to Hell.
  • Ichy: Gets swung away by Dil.
  • Dil: Being chased by an aquatic long-necked dinosaur called a Plesiosaurus.
  • Grigori Rasputin: Gets killed when his vial broke, sending the spirits after him.
  • Black Pegasus: Gets destroyed by Anastasia.
  • Gargoyles: Disperse after Rasputin's vial gets smashed.
  • Megalodon: Failed to eat Littlefoot and his friends.
  • Pterodactylus: Gets bit by one of her babies and loses Ducky.
  • Plated Sharptooth: Drowns away on the sea.
  • Scuttlebutt and Chief McBrusque: Falls into a river and drowns.
  • Mr. Grasping, Toplifty and O'bloat: Got scared off by Tiger.
  • Belladonna: gets frozen to death by her heavenly cousin, Annabelle.
  • Muriel & Floyd: Fall to their deaths in and elevator.
  • Martin Brisby: Knocked out returned back to normal.
  • Joseph Valentine: He and His Scientists were locked in a fenced area, but a firefighter frees them.
  • Oble: Falls into a river, and is relaxed by being cooled off.
  • Ludmila: Realizes the potion turns her into a dragon, and falls with the crumbling tower below full of water.
  • Preed: Killed by Korso, by breaking his neck.
  • Joseph Korso: Reforms and wedges his rifle between the gap and breakers and closes its circuit for good, losing his own life in the process.
  • Drej: Destroyed and become Energy for the Titan.
  • Drej Queen: Gets destroyed by the Titan, becoming the energy The Titan needed to start the process of rebirthing Earth.
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Martin Brisby's defeat


This is a gallery of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs.

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