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Kiss 'n Coo is a love song from Rock-A-Doodle. It is sung by Goldie Pheasant (Ellen Greene) and Chanticleer (Glenn Campbell). A cover is also sung by Jerry Williams and Pernilla Wahlgren, who also did the voices of Chanticleer and Goldie in the Swedish dub. It is sung when Goldie actually falls in love with Chanticleer, though Pinky wanted her to only pretend to fall in love with him.


Chanticleer: Underneath the moon and the stars
I feel like crooning
With you under my wing
I could sing till the dawn

My song is my treasure
That I’m glad to share with you
As I kiss and coo, kiss and coo with you

(Kiss and coo with you)

Goldie: Love has said hello
You don’t know
What that means
Really means to me
When I hear your voice
I’m so glad, I’m your choice

Your song is a treasure
That my heart will keep for you
As I kiss and coo, kiss, kiss and coo a-with you

(Kiss and coo with you)
(The moon, the stars)

Chanticleer & Goldie: This song is our treasure
That we’ll share our whole life through

Chanticleer: As I kiss and coo

Goldie: Kiss and coo

Chanticleer: Kiss and coo with you

Goldie: With you

Chanticleer: With you

Goldie: With you

Both: As I kiss and coo
Kiss, kiss and coo-a with you

(Kiss and coo with you)


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