King Llort
Background information
Feature films A Troll in Central Park
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators John Pomeroy
Voice Charles Nelson Reilly
Performance model
Designer Don Bluth
Honors and awards
Inspiration Mr. Smee
Fidget from The Great Mouse Detective
Judge Doom
Dr. Neo Cortex from
Crash Bandicoot
Dr. Nitrus Brio from
Crash Bandicoot
Komodo Joe from
Crash Bandicoot
N. Gin from
Crash Bandicoot
Ripper Roo from
Crash Bandicoot
Character information
Full name
Other names Llort
Personality Funny, sensitive, goofy, deficient, silly, genuine, supportive, helpful, brainy, loyal, lion-hearted, optimistic, respectful, trusting, kooky (formerly), ingenious (formerly), noisy, good-natured, laid-back, level-headed, observant, realistic, timid (formerly), kind-hearted, intellectual, nice, good-tempered, loving, loyal, organized, responsible, trusting
Appearance Slender troll, green skin, thin black beard, blue suit
Occupation Gnorga's henchman (formerly), King of the Trolls
Alignment Bad/Neutral, later good
Goal To help Gnorga kill Stanley (failed)
Home Kingdom of the Trolls
Relatives Gnorga (wife; deceased)
Pets Troll Dog
Allies Gnorga (formerly)
Enemies Stanley (formerly), Gus (formerly), Rosie (formerly)
Likes Being king, helping Gnorga
Dislikes Gnorga yelling at him, Gnorga repeating the phrase, "Hush up" over and over and over again, the dog biting his leg (running gag)
Powers and abilities
Fate Returns to Troll World and takes over the Kingdom of the Trolls and gets bitten once again by the dog.
Quote "Ow! Stop attacking me! Why do you always have to attack me?! Sit, stay, sit!"
"Gnorga queen of posies"
"I know. I quitely agree. That's why we truly need the little baby. To bring him here, so we can finish him. Remember?"

King Llort is the secondary antagonist of A Troll in Central Park. He is Gnorga's bumbling husband. A running gag depicts him being chased by her dog. He isn't nearly as evil as her, as he suggests banishing Stanley to Central Park (unaware that there is empty space for growing flowers) instead of turning him into stone as punishment for growing flowers. He is voiced by the late Charles Nelson Reilly who is also known for the voices of Killer and Hunch in All Dogs Go to Heaven and Rock-A-Doodle, respectively.


Role in Film

A Troll in Central Park



  • He is played by Charles Nelson Reilly who is also known for the voices of Killer and Hunch in All Dogs Go To Heaven and Rock-A-Doodle, respectively. Charles Nelson Reilly was also known for the voice of the Dirty Bubble in Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He doesn't like his wife's dog biting him.
  • He is the husband of Gnorga.
  • A Troll in Central Park is the second time Charles Nelson Reily and Dom DeLuise appeared together. The first was All Dogs Go To Heaven.
  • Llort may have inspired Mr. Tweedy from Chicken Run as they are both the husband of the antagonist (In Mr. Tweedy's case Mrs. Tweedy and in Llort's case Gnorga) and both help them in their goals but at the end they turn against their wives (with Llort singing a sarcastic song called "Gnorga queen of posies" whilst Mr. Tweedy unintentionally kills his wife after having enough of her abuse)

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