Just Say Yes! is a song from The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. It sung by Martin Brisby.


Martin: I was far too smart

From the very start

"Cause our Father came from NIMH

I began to grow

Little did he know

I had my own plans from him

He thought I was tame

Ha, Just my little game

Until this all became mine

They all do as I say

No one stands in my way

In my way, everybody here is happy

Or I have them slight altered

I can do as I please

I can change things with ease

Horn or hair or fin or feather

I control the wind and weather

We can rule the world together

If you come with me

You'll be happy

Oh, so happy

When you come with me

You'll be king of

Everything of

All that you can see

Just say yes, hero!

Timmy (Spoken): No!

Martin: Think what we

Two can do

You and me

Me and you

Buck yourself up

Don't look so sad

We'll have more than dear, old Dad had

Butterflies and pretty flowers

Sunny skies and super powers

Silver streams and fluffy kittens

Laser beams and rubble cities

Timmy (Spoken): Dad wasn't crazy!

Martin: Take you chances while you can

Join in my Master plan

You won't tell me

I'm too blabby

When I'm ruler of Thorn Valley

Timmy (Spoken): No!

Justin (Spoken): No!

Jenny (Spoken): No!