Background information
Feature films The Secret of NIMH
The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Dom DeLuise
Performance model
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Friendly, helpful, caring, protective, reasonable, super smart, loyal, clumsy, kind, funny, compassionate, thoughtful, faint-hearted at times, lion-hearted, testy (briefly), supportive, jovial, exuberant, respectful, eccentric, mild-mannered, social, jolly, even-tempered, reliable, empathetic, mischievous, unconventional
Appearance Very slender black crow, red string around his neck
Occupation Mrs. Brisby's friend
Alignment Good
Goal To find "Mrs. Right" and help Mrs. Brisby in anyway
Home Around the Fitzgibbon farm
Allies Mrs. Brisby
Miss Right
Mr. Ages
Timothy Brisby
Teresa Brisby
Martin Brisby
Cynthia Brisby
Auntie Shrew
Jenny McBride
Enemies Dragon
Auntie Shrew (formerly)
Likes Mrs. Brisby, string, Mrs. Brisby's pendant and jewelry in general
Dislikes Danger, cats frightening him, being tangled or tied up in string scary places
Powers and abilities Flight
Weapons String.claws and beak
Fate He finds an equal Miss Right and they fly off together with the string
Quote "But she's out there, somewhere. And when I find here, I'll feel it way down in my wish bone. I - -What cat?"
"Excuse me Pardon me"
"If I had actually been near a cat, I'd be sneezing my brains out.

Jeremy is the deuteragonist of The Secret of NIMH and a supporting character in The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. He was voiced by the late Dom DeLuise, who was one of two actors to reprise their roles in the sequel, The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.



Jeremy is a funny and clumsy black crow who is allergic to cats. He also appears to get scared rather easily as he seems to be faint-hearted of Dragon and the Great Owl. Despite this, however, he befriends the widow Mrs. Brisby and is shown to care for her slightly.

Physical Appearance

When he first appeared in Secret of NIMH, he had a slender appearance with a slender beak as well, he is also quite at a young age since he was looking for a love nest, showing this is his young adult years when he first met Mrs. Brisby.

In the sequel he had aged his voice and was a lot more built in this movie showing it was 12 years since The Rats left to Thorn Valley, he even was big enough to pose as the Great Owl to help Cecil with their ruse.

Role in film

The Secret of NIMH

Jeremy played the ally and comic relief for the film's heroine Mrs. Brisby.

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

He took Timothy to Thorn Valley, then as seen later on posed as the Great Owl, until caught and helped Timothy and Jenny to find NIMH.



  • Despite being an ally of Mr. Ages, Jeremy, and Mr. Ages never interact with one another.
  • He sometimes has teeth.
  • A real-life myth says that crows tend to collect shiny objects, that's probably why Jeremy was hypnotised by Brisby's stone.
  • Jeremy's voice actor Dom DeLuise also played Fagin in Oliver & Company, Tiger in An American Tail, Itchy Itchiford in All Dogs Go to Heaven, Christopher Columbus in The Magic Voyage and Stanley in A Troll in Central Park.