It's Too Heavenly Here is a song from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. It is sung by Charlie Barkin.


Charlie: It's hard to explain, Itch. This joint is supposed to have everything; to be the best. But it's just too, I don't know, it's...It's too...

It's too heavenly here

It's too peaceful and paradise-like

Straight and narrow, and much too nice-like

Endlessly sunny and clear!

It's too heavenly here!

It's too blissful to bear

Calm and quiet and much too mellow

All my brain cells have turned to Jell-O!

Everyday feels like a year!

It's too heavenly here!

I need some action!

I need some juice

That crazy kind of feeling

Of playing fast and loose

Some razzle dazzle

And a little stress and strife

I gotta get some life in my life!

But it's too heavenly here

There's no way you can be a sinner

Roll the dice; everyone's a winner!

It's so legit and sincere

It's too heavenly here

What good's a hustler...

Charlie (Angel Choir): Without a scam? (Hey! Hey! Hey! HEY! Hey!)

I'm wasted talent

That's all that I am!

But this operator

Is at the wrong address

'Cause there's nothing to finagle

And no one to finesse!

Angel Choir: It's so heavenly here

Pure and perfect

Sublime and shining

Every cloud has a silver lining

Everyone's full of good cheer

It's so heavenly here!

Charlie: They're all so saintly!

I just can't relate!

There's gotta be an exit

Through that pearly gate

Behold, the canine who's been cut down in his prime

I may have done the crime,

But I can't do the time!

'Cause it's too heavenly here!

All "Hallelujah's" and "Hosanna's"

It could drive anyone bananas!

I'm going out of my head!

This joint is deader than dead!

I'll give you 8 to 3

Charlie (Angel Choir): It's too heavenly...(Alleluia, Alleluia, ALLELUIA!)

Charlie: Too heavenly here!

Itchy: Charlie, you gotta see a doctor.

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