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"I Will Always Be with You" is the love theme of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. It was sung by Sasha La Fleur and Charlie Barkin when the former feels sorry for the latter (due to his confessions). It is extended and sung over the credits by Jennifer Darling and Danny Frazier.


I will always be with you
Makes no difference where your road takes you to
Even if we're apart
Now we're joined at the heart
Though our moments may be gone
You and I will still live on

I will always be with you
I'll be by your side whatever you do
All the memories may fade
But the ones that we made
Are eternal as a star
Now I'm part of who you are

And I'll be there with you in the sound of your laughter
I'll be in the tears you cry
'Cause the way you and I have touched one and other
Doesn't end with goodbye

I will always be with you
Like a guardian-angel constant and true
When you're lost in the night (Lost in the night)
And you can't see the light
My love will see you through

I will always be there

You'll have me there

I will always be with you

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