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Feature films All Dogs Go to Heaven
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Portrayed by
Voice Campbell Morton
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Personality Aggressive, evil, sinister, pugnacious, greedy, rude, parsimonious, mean, hateful, destructive, cruel, monstrous, demonic, jealous, gruff, impatient, cynical, bothersome, dangerous, contemptuous, deceitful, strict, ferocious, vengeful, impetuous, furious, stern, enraged, impertinent, pompous, argumentative, belligerent, malicious, treacherous, eccentric, obnoxious, possessive, arrogant, wicked, dreadful, mad, angry, irate, intolerant, hopeless, desperate, finicky, sinful, loathsome, disgusted, resentful, suspicious, remorseful, exasperated, sorrowful, fierce, mysterious, terrified, impolite, ominous, voracious, agitated, violent, ruthless, vindictive, carnivorous, persuasive, ferocious, stealthy, emotionless, surreptitious, unpleasant, barbarous, cantankerous, detestable, irrelevant, hostile, villainous, malignant, dishonest, offensive, awful, hideous, unintelligent, regretful, disillusioned, ravenous, shameful, brutal, fearsome, irresponsible, sophisticated, quarrelsome, blasphemous, timorous, fearful, truculent, pusillanimous, troublesome, rancorous, immature, deceptive, grumpy, thoughtless, careless, unhappy, angry, serious, aloof, oppressive, delusional, guilty, scornful, cunning, precarious, lustful, obstinate, deleterious, curmudgeonly, insignificant, predatory, terrifying, insecure, spontaneous, bloodthirsty, manipulative, dismayed, consternated
Appearance Very large and slender brown dragon-like hellhound, tan underbelly and ear innards, yellow devilish glowing eyes, gray snout, sharp teeth
Occupation Demon
Alignment Bad
Goal To take Charlie to hell
Home His hell
Allies Belladonna, Carface Carruthers (formerly), Killer (formerly)
Enemies Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Annabelle
Likes Fire, disgusting things, ferociousness
Dislikes Magic, failure, losing fire
Powers and abilities Flight
Fate Gets defeated by Annabelle
Quote "You can never go back!"

"NOW, YOU ARE MINE!" (Uncut version only)

Hellhound is a demon that resides in Hell and is a "pet" of Satan (the Devil). In All Dogs Go to Heaven, Charlie has a nightmare in which he is condemded to Hell and is attacked by a Hellhound and several imps (deciples of the Devil). The creature then appears toward the end of the film to take Charlie to Hell but is defeated when Annabelle (the pink whippet) appears to take Charlie to Heaven instead. The Hellhound is by far the darkest character in Don Bluth media and it's not even the main antagonist of the film, but the tertiary antagonist.


Physical Appearance


Role in the Film

All Dogs Go to Heaven



  • The Hellhound might be the inspiration to Red the Hellcat in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 because of its design.
  • He is Don Bluth's scariest villain.