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1000px-The Hellhound.png
Background information
Feature films All Dogs Go to Heaven
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Frank Welker
Performance model
Honors and awards
Inspiration Cerberus
Chernabog from Fantasia
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Aggressive, evil, sinister, pugnacious, greedy, rude, parsimonious, mean, hateful, destructive, cruel, monstrous, demonic, jealous, gruff, impatient, cynical, bothersome, dangerous, contemptuous, deceitful, strict, ferocious, vengeful, impetuous, furious, stern, enraged, impertinent, pompous, argumentative, belligerent, malicious, treacherous, eccentric, obnoxious, possessive, arrogant, wicked, dreadful, mad, angry, irate, intolerant, hopeless, desperate, finicky, sinful, loathsome, disgusted, resentful, suspicious, remorseful, exasperated, sorrowful, fierce, mysterious, terrified, impolite, ominous, voracious, agitated, violent, ruthless, vindictive, carnivorous, persuasive, ferocious, stealthy, emotionless, surreptitious, unpleasant, barbarous, cantankerous, detestable, irrelevant, hostile, villainous, malignant, dishonest, offensive, awful, hideous, unintelligent, regretful, disillusioned, ravenous, shameful, brutal, fearsome, irresponsible, sophisticated, quarrelsome, blasphemous, timorous, fearful, truculent, pusillanimous, troublesome, rancorous, immature, deceptive, grumpy, thoughtless, careless, unhappy, angry, serious, aloof, oppressive, delusional, guilty, scornful, cunning, precarious, lustful, obstinate, deleterious, curmudgeonly, insignificant, predatory, terrifying, insecure, spontaneous, bloodthirsty, manipulative, dismayed, consternated
Appearance Very large and slender brown dragon-like hellhound, tan underbelly and ear innards, yellow devilish glowing eyes, gray snout, sharp teeth
Occupation Demon
Alignment Bad
Goal To take Charlie to hell
Home Hell
Allies Belladonna, Carface Carruthers (formerly), Killer (formerly)
Enemies Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Annabelle
Likes Fire, disgusting things, ferociousness
Dislikes Magic, failure, losing fire
Powers and abilities Flight
Fate Gets defeated by Annabelle
Quote "You can never go back!"
"NOW, YOU ARE MINE!" (Uncut version only)
*[laughing evily]*

Hellhound is a demon and a minor antagonist in All Dogs Go to Heaven.


Physical Appearance

Appears to be more of a Dragon more than a Hellhound from folklore, it's origin.


Role in the Film

All Dogs Go to Heaven

While Charlie fell asleep, he has a nightmare about be condemned to Hell. Charlie tries to run away, but a cyclone pulls him all the way down to Hell, where he lands on a boat where a skeletal dragon frightens him. Charlie then watches in horror as the Hellhound rises from the lava and reveals himself. In the uncut version, he comes closer to Charlie, saying, “Now, you are mine!”. A lava face appears in front of Charlie, as the Hellhound laughs evily. The demon then spews fire, summoning mini dog demons. They attack Charlie as the boat sinks into the lava. Suddenly, Charlie was awaken from Flo’s puppies.

The Hellhound returns later on, while Charlie as a ghost came to see Anne-Marie one last time. The Hellhound tries to take Charlie to Hell, but a blue glowing orb defeats the demon, and takes Charlie to heaven, because he sacrificed his life to save Anne-Marie.



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