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Feature films All Dogs Go to Heaven
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Portrayed by
Voice Loni Anderson
Performance model
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Good-hearted, kind, friendly, humble, relaxed, loving, caring, motherly, protective, mature, responsible, organized, independent, understanding, sympathetic, sentimental, sensitive, wise, warm-hearted, peaceful, quiet, philosophical, benevolent, fun-loving, level-headed, optimistic, fearless, loyal, observant
Appearance Muscular, Beautiful, Rough Collie
Occupation Dog
Alignment Good
Relatives Unknown husband
her puppies (children)
Allies Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Anne-Marie, the puppies
Enemies Carface Carruthers, Killer (formerly)
Likes Taking care of the puppies, Anne Marie and Charlie bringing her and the puppies Pizza into the Church
Dislikes Charlie departing New Orleans to head for Heaven, the puppies quarreling about eating Pizza
Powers and abilities

Flo is a Rough Collie and one of the main characters in All Dogs go to Heaven who lives with her puppies. She was voiced by Loni Anderson.


Flo is a female rough collie character in All Dogs go to Heaven film. She has many puppies whom she watches over at their residence at the church. They are deemed by Charlie to be some of the poorest people he knows. She is one of Charlie's old friends. She is well acquainted with Itchy and gains a warm friendship with Anne Marie.

All Dogs go to Heaven

Upon their winnings and giving to the unfortunate around the city of New Orleans, he goes to a female friend, Flo's residence deeming she is the poorest person he knows. They feed Flo and her puppies pizza and cake and enjoy their company. Flo even lets them stay for the night as they have been over town helping the poor. When Anne-Marie falls sick with a fever, Charlie takes her back to the her residence at the church at which she helps Charlie care for her saying she needs a doctor. When Anne Marie is kidnapped by Carface, Flo directs Itchy to take her doll to Harold and his wife, Kate's residence so they know she is in danger. She and her puppies also accompany in the dog alert around town in attempt to save Anne Marie.

Flo's Personality

Flo seems to have that humble, compassionate dutiful canine spirit. This is shown when she is caring for her puppies and Anne-Marie when she falls sick and is kidnapped. She seems to know Charlie's better side which may have been in the past a romantic connection between them at one time.


All Dogs Go to Heaven
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