"Destroy the humans. Destroy them ALL!!"
―Drej Queen (translated)

The Drej Queen is the main antagonist of the 2000 Don Bluth animated film Titan A.E. She is the ultimate leader of an energy-based alien race known as the Drej, possibly with smaller-ranking Queens under her command.

She was voiced by Christopher Scarabosio.


Early Life

What is little known about the Queen is that she comes from a special matriarchal hierarchy of powerful Drej known as Drej Queens and she rules over her people with an iron fist.

Destruction Of Earth

In the year 3028 AD, she ordered her drones to destroy the planet Earth. Their attempt was successful, although several humans managed to escape into space.


Many years have passed and the Queen and her drones spotted humans at Tau 14. At the planet of the Gaol, she captures Cale Tucker and Akima Kunimoto and imprisons Cale and sends Akima off into space, but Cale manages to escape and meet up with the crew of the Valkyrie. When the crew of the Valkyrie discover the location of the Titan, Joseph Korso, the captain of the Valkyrie, and his first mate Preed betray their comrades by exchanging the location of the Titan for cash from the Queen.

Final Moments

The Valkyrie's crew arrived at the Titan near an ice ring to destroy the Drej and create a new Earth. As the Titan activates, Susquehana and the rest of her Drej army were incinerated, as their bodies were made of energy. However, other Drej and Drej Queens could still be out there that were not part of her army.


Susquehana is the genocidal monarch of the Drej. She and her race have had great hatred towards the humans.

Powers and Abilities

The Drej Queens are the commanding force behind the Drej, and have complete control over their species. She is likely the only known Drej Queen because she is the most notable, as she leads her entire race.



  • Although the Queen is a female, she is voiced by the male voice actor Christopher Scarabosio.


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