Madame Mousey sings

Creature De La Nuit is a song sang by Madame Mousey from An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster.

Madame Mousey: From the creature de la nuit

The poodle of paris

And nowhere in the world is there a dog more smart than me

I'm clever, chic, and wise

Don't judge me by my size

And if you give me trouble

I will rip out both your eyes!

You're fools to mess with me

The creature da la nuit

Without me you were starving

Living on scraps and rice

Cats: Rice!

Madame Mousey: Now we're on our way to easy street

Soon we'll be rolling in mice

Cats: Mice!

Madame Mousey: C'est moi who rules the street

Powerful, yet petite

Don't try to double cross me

Or I'll break your stinking feet!

So don't make light of me

The creature de la nuit

I may appear a mere poodle

Cats: Poodle!

Madame Mousey: But deep in my heart I remain

Cats: She remains

Madame Mousey: A pitbull!

A wolf!

A doberman pincher!

Or better yet--a great dane!

Slug: You know there's nothing like a dane.

Bootlick: But what about that there reporter?

Madame Mousey: I will nab that nosey miss!

In a trap she can't resist

And then I'll give her pretty neck

A chic french twist!

So madmoiselle Nellie Brie

You must take me seriously

If Napoleon were a her with fur

He would be me!

I make no apologies

Je suis

Cats: Not she!

Madame Mousey: Un formidable enemy

Bootlick: That means she's bad.

Madame Mousey: You prissy pussy cats agree

I'm the creature de la nuit!

En garde!

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