File:Bartok the Magnificent

Bartok the Magnificent is a Song from Bartok the Magnificent sang by Bartok and village people.


Bartok: Once in Mongolia I noticed a fire
Whole city burning and the flames getting higher
They're yelling "Save us or we're all gonna bake!"

I Ate The Flames and then I drank the whole lake
They called me Bartok the Magnificent the Specifically Terrifically Magnificent!
A mammal so inflammable he saved the day!
I Tell You, B-a-r-t-ok!

One time in Hungary this dragon appears
He's Very "Hungary" no dinner in years!
And then he grabs me and I'm practically through!

He was deflated 'cause I knew my kung fu!
That's why I'm

Bartok and Villagers: Bartok the Magnificent!

Bartok: With A Ha! And A Hi-ya!
That are significant
That Dragon hasn't eaten Since That fateful day
Bartok and Villagers: Thanks To B-a-r-t-ok

Villagers: Bartok the Magnificent!
Undeniably, Reliably Magnificent!

Bartok: And heaven help a harpy who Gets in my way!
I Guess I'm Just a natural or so they say!

Villagers: This Batt'll go to battle
For you come what may

Bartok: I tell ya

Villagers: B-a-r-t-ok