They are known as Clubtails to the Land Before Time dinosaurs. They first appeared in the Great Valley Adventure, one can be seen lounging under a tree sweet tree during the credits along with a Corythosaurus, Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus, Lambeosaurus, and a Maiasaura. The most notable Ankylosaurus is Mr. Clubtail, aka Kosh. Land Before Time Ankylosaurs have armor on their noses, two horn-like spikes on the tops of their heads, two small spikes at the sides of their jaws, square-shaped armor-plates on their backs, spikes along their sides, pebble-like bumps in the corner of each armor-square, short legs and tails, and two-lobed tail-clubs. Juvenile Clubtails do not have spikes on their sides or bumps on their backs. They also bear a very little resemblance to Anguirus, a monster from the Godzilla movies. Kosh and is daughter name Kelly the Clubtail.

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