All I Had is Gone is a song from The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, sung by Timothy Brisby and Jenny McBride.


Timmy: One day they'll know me

They'll hear what I've done

I will show the world

I'm my father's...

Timmy (Spoken): Bet your proud of me now, dad.

Timmy: What can I do

What have I done

I've only managed to hurt everyone

Why did I think I could

Ever be any good

Why'd you have me for a son

What I have done can't be mended

All you've begun I have ended

Jenny: So much I'll never say

Timmy: So much to throw away

Both: All I had is gone

Jenny: So much to say to you

Timmy: So much to share with you

Both: All I had is gone

All I had is gone