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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is the 1996 sequel to the 1989 Don Bluth film All Dogs Go to Heaven. However, Bluth, himself, had no actual involvement with this movie.


Many years after the first film Charle Barkin remains in Heaven as an angel and waits for the new dogs to arrive in Heaven one of whom is Charlie's best friend Itchy Itchiford who died while choking to death on a chicken drumstick. Charlie welcomes Itchy into heaven and shows him around but reveals that he's been bored in Heaven since his death (It's Too Heavenly Here) and wishes to return to Earth. Then Charlie's old nemesis Carface secretly steals Gabrelle's horn and causes it to fall from Heaven to Earth to which Carface secretly escapes from Heaven to Earth also. Annabelle the Head Angel sends Charlie and Itchy to Earth to retreive the horn and gives them 1 Miracle to use while on Earth.

Once on Earth Charlie and Itchy arrive in San Francisco and Charlie begins exploring a dog tavern where he notices a singing Irish Sitter dog named Sasha La Fleur and falls in love with her. He tries to get her to notice him but she can't see nor hear him because he's a Ghost. Then Charlie spots Carface with a red coler around his neck that makes him visible to which he tells them he got the coler from a dog named Red who would probably be happy give some to Charlie and Itchy as well to which they follow him to Red's place who Carface introduces them to and Red gives them each a coler making them both visible but tells them the colers will only work until sundown tomorrow and then they will be Ghosts again. After Charlie and Itchy leave it is revealed that Red is actully a cat/devil disguised as a dog and hired Carface to steal Gabrelle's horn so he could imprison all dogs from heaven and rule the world.

Charlie and Itchy go back to the tavern and introduce themselves to Sasha who takes them to her home and shows them a little boy named David who's runaway from home. Charlie and Itchy ask them to help them find


  • George Hearn as Red
  • Wallace Shawn as Labrador M.C.
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