Act 1

Scene 1

(MGM logo)

(The movie starts with the sound of a coin being inserted into a machine and dailing is heard shortly after. The scene fades into a dark, isolated, foggy area, as the camera slowly zooms into a payphone where voices are heard.)

Voice 1: Boss I...

Voice 2: Something happened....What's wrong ?

Voice 1: You'll have the item today. Just like we agreed, it's as good as in ya hands. (The camera continues to zoom in until it reveals Carface inside talking to an unknown figure over the other line.) Nothing could go wrong.


Carface: Don't call me canine! (Brief mumbling is heard through the other line.) You know the meaning of patients-

Voice: SILENCE! (The phone begins to heat up burning Caface's paws.) As long as dogs are involved, ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG!

(Caface throws the phone back on the hook.)

Carface: I'll take that as a no, geez what a hothead. (Carface prepares to leave, but stops and checks the coin slot.) Aw, keep the quarter.

(He knocks the phone off the hook, takes a halo out of his robe, puts it on top of his head and flies away. The camera closes in on the hanging phone as red fumes are shown coming out of it. The screen then fades into some frames of the sky and clouds as the title of the movie is shown fully on screen along with the cast and crew of the movie. Then the camera pans up to a still frame of some angelic dogs as the camera fades in zooming past Charlie and Carface as the voice of the whippet angel Annabelle is heard from a distant.)

Charlie: (Whispering to Carface) *Sighs* Only in heaven can a bunch of squeaky clean angels get awards for being extra squeaky clean.

(As she handed to a special token to him)

  • Annabelle: And now, our final honoree, voted most-rehabilitated by our heavenly jury...
  • Charlie: I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those merit badges, eh, Carface?
  • Carface: Hey... shh!
  • Annabelle: A dog who's lifted himself up from the depths of depravity, who proves that every dog deserves a second chance...
  • Charlie: Now I know why they call it eternity. Everything here takes forever.
  • All Dogs: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
  • Carface: Charlie, show some respect.
  • Annabelle: ...for making the most of what he's had to work with, this first-class, diamond-studded angel wing pin goes to... Carface Carruthers!

(Much to Charlie's Shock)

  • Carface: What an honor! Ha. You're too kind. I don't know what to say! Thank you. Thank you very much. Bless you!

(She gives Carface the wing pin)

  • Annabelle: I only hope that our other angels...Who have yet to distinguish themselves... Soon follow your shining example.

(She leaves with other angels)

  • Carface: Hey, remember, Charlie, it never hurts to play the game.
  • Charlie: Halo polisher.

(As the horn plays, As Sparkly path appears)

Charlie: Whoa! I'm late!

(As he runs off, Carface sneaks away, As the horn plays, a magic gate appears, As Charlie runs to the Spa resort, He hops on three big dogs and a huge dog)

Huge Angel Dog: That feels good.

(As the angels dogs and Charlie arrived at the gate, As the blue angel dog arrives and opens the gate, But Charlie arrived quickly knocking the angel dogs away and knocks the blue angel dog right off into the hole)

Charlie: Sorry. Lousy brake pads. (He drops the Halo) Have the newcomers touched down yet?

Yellow Angel Dog: Uh, no, not yet.

(Then Suddenly, A Huge Pink Dog appears and lands on Yellow Angel Dog and gives him a Smooch)

Yellow Angel Dog: Put on some weight, huh, fluffy?

Supporter Angel Dog: Check. Check. Move along. Sorry, sir! (He grabs the vacuum cleaner as another dogs arrived) Check. Check. Check. Move along. That's it. That's all dogs.

Charlie: Hold it. Let me see that list. There has to be more. I'm expecting company.

(Then suddenly Itchy pops up out of the clouds)

Supporter Angel Dog: Uh... Asta, Bandit, Bowser, Fido, Fifi, Hound of Baskerville, Pavlov Dog, Rex, Rover, Rufus, Shatzi, Spot, and...

Charlie: Itchy! Ho ho!

(He catches him but ends up getting knocked out)

Supporter Angel Dog: Oh, yeah. Right. He's right here on the list.

Itchy Itchiford: Where am I?

Charlie Barkin: You old fleabag, you.

Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, is that you? Charlie, it is you!

Charlie Barkin: Ha!

Itchy Itchiford: Charlie!

Charlie Barkin: Gee, Itch, you shouldn't have.

(As Charlie try to eat a Chicken stick, but the Angel Dog takes it)

Angel Dog: Sorry, sir. You can't take it with you.

(He throws a halo onto Itchy's head)

Itchy Itchiford: Wait a minute. Ain't you, uh... dead?

Charlie Barkin: Oh, yeah... as a dog that eats chicken bones.

Itchy Itchiford: Oh, so that means...

(As the Halo glows, The Blue Angel Shirt and Wings appear on Itchy's Back)

Charlie Barkin: Welcome to paradise, Itch. Come on. I'll show you around. You can mark your territory.



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