Act 1

Scene 1

(MGM logo)

(The movie starts with the sound of a coin being inserted into a machine and dailing is heard shortly after. The scene fades into a dark, isolated, foggy area, as the camera slowly zooms into a payphone where voices are heard.)

Voice 1: Boss I...

Voice 2: Something happened....What's wrong ?

Voice 1: You'll have the item today. Just like we agreed, it's as good as in ya hands. (The camera continues to zoom in until it reveals Carface inside talking to an unknown figure over the other line.) Nothing could go wrong.


Carface: Don't call me canine! (Brief mumbling is heard through the other line.) You know the meaning of patients-

Voice: SILENCE!! (The phone begins to heat up burning Caface's paws.) As long as dogs are involved, ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG!!!!!

(Caface throws the phone back on the hook.)

Carface: I'll take that as a no, geez what a hothead. (Carface prepares to leave, but stops and checks the coin slot.) Aw, keep the quarter.

(He knocks the phone off the hook, takes a halo out of his robe, puts it on top of his head and flies away. The camera closes in on the hanging phone as red fumes are shown coming out of it. The screen then fades into some frames of the sky and clouds as the title of the movie is shown fully on screen along with the cast and crew of the movie. Then the camera pans up to a still frame of some angelic dogs as the camera fades in zooming past Charlie and Carface as the voice of the whippet angel Annabelle is heard from a distant.)

Charlie: (Whispering to Carface) *Sighs* Only in heaven can a bunch of squeaky clean angels get awards for being extra squeaky clean.



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