Absolutley Green sung by Stanley and the flowers is the main song of A Troll in Central Park and is also sung in the end when Stanley is brought back to life.


I like to close my eyes
So my heart can plainly see
Right through the way things are clear to the way they ought to be
To somewhere that's safe and sunlit, and serene
Oh! And absolutely green

Picture a perfect place
Where there is no doom and gloom
Birds singing happy songs
And flowers bursting into bloom
There's somewhere like nowhere else you've ever seen
That's absolutely green

That's how the world can be if we just wanted
Why isn't it that way, do you suppose?
Maybe 'cause no one's concentrating on it
Just give it love and kindness
You'll see how green it grows

Maybe it's just a dream
But I know deep in my heart
If everyone believed, believing is the place to start
We could fill everywhere with flowers
If each of us used all our powers
If we all cared is what I really mean
We could live in a world that's bright and shiny
Oh! And absolutely green
We could live in a world that's bright and shiny
And absolutely green


A Troll in Central Park

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